Italian Tastes

Growing Gift Set
Italian Tastes

Grow Set
Barcode: 5055128615709

Cherry Tomato Minibel & Basil Sweet Genovese
Frost resistant planter contains 2 sachets of seeds, 1 sachet of plant food, coir & compost.
Height: 45cm
Plant Type: Veg & Herb Mix

  • prefers full sun
  • ideal for patio displays
  • herbs
  • vegetables

Sowing guide

Frost resistant planter with seeds, plant food & growing medium ideal for growing on the patio for fresh tomatoes and herbs throughout the summer.
Sweet cherry tomatoes and fresh fragrant basil to create classic Italian dishes, whilst bringing colour to your garden.

Sow seeds indoors January to April, or outdoors from April to May.
Harvest tomatoes from July to October, and basil throughout the year.
1. Place coir block into a large container.
Add 1l of water at a time until the coir resembles compost constancy.
2. Allow coir to absorb the water for 1 hour. Add more water if needed.
3. Fill planter with coir.
4. Scatter seeds evenly over the surface.
5. Try to keep the seeds separated.
This will make harvesting easier.
6. Cover the seeds with compost.
7. Scatter plant food over the surface of the compost.
8. Water lightly.
Do not over water.

Sow seeds indoors and protect seedlings from frosty conditions.
Planter can be covered with a clear plastic bag to create humidity, remove bag once seedlings start to emerge.
Harden plants off for 1 week before placing planter outdoors.
Once seedling start to appear, thin out and transplant unwanted seedlings into separate containers to prevent over crowding.
Tomato plants may require stakes to help support fruiting branches.
Harvest basil regularly to promote further growth.

Further Information

Do not eat plant food.
EU Fertiliser Multicote 15-7-15.
Always wash hands after handling plant food.

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