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Lawn Care

Complete Care & Repair Solution.
A complete 4in1 lawn care solution to help keep your lawn looking great all year round!

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Grass seed guide

4 in 1 Kit:
1. Quick & Tough grass seed mixture – for fast results.
2. Shade & Drought grass seed mixture – for hard to grow areas.
3. Patch repair mixture – for patchy areas.
4. Triple action fertiliser – for year round feed.

1. Quick & Tough
This fast acting grass seed mixture will give visible results in 7 days and is ideal for new lawns or over-seeding.
Over Seeding Or Restoring...
1. Mow the grass as short as possible and rake out the dead and dry grass cuttings.
2. Shake the seed mixture evenly over the area and rake the seeds lightly to ensure seeds reach the soil to a depth of 1cm.
3. Water well daily with a light spray and keep soil moist until the new grass becomes established.
4. When the grass reaches approximately 8cm high mow for the fi¬rst time.
New Lawns...
1. Mark out the area that you want to seed and shake the grass seed mixture evenly over the area.
2. Rake the seeds lightly to ensure seeds reach the soil to a depth of 1cm and water well but don’t wash seeds away!
3. Keep soil moist until new lawn becomes established.
4. When grass reaches approximately 8cm high mow for the first time.

2. Shade & Drought
A deep rooting and resilient grass seed mixture that will establish and grow well in areas where other grass seed varieties would fail. Ideal for under trees where the ground can become dry and light can be poor.
Seeding A Dry Area...
1. Mark out the area to be seeded and mow the grass as short as possible.
2. Rake the area to get rid of any dead or dried grass and give the area a good water.
3. Shake the seed mixture evenly and rake the seeds lightly to ensure seeds make contact with the soil.
4. It’s important to ensure that the area does not dry out until the seed has become established.
5. When watering the area use a light spray and take care not to wash the seeds away.
6. When the grass reaches approximately 8cm high mow for the fi¬rst time.

3. Patch Repair
Contains a unique blend of grass seed, coir, fertiliser and urine neutraliser to ensure the coverage and repair of up to 12 bare patches in your lawn. The ingredients in this product have been specially selected to give a lush, even result fast!
Patching & Repairing...
1. Prepare the patchy areas you wish to repair by removing any dead grass, weeds and debris.
2. Lightly rake the soil and brake up any hard clumps; a soft moist soil in a warm environment is best for seed growth.
3. Before opening the box, shake for 30 seconds to ensure the special blend is mixed together.
4. Open the box on the side where indicated and evenly distribute enough of mixture to cover the affected area, to a depth of approx. 1cm.
5. Water well to ensure the mixture is moist to activate the seed.

4. Season Long Feed
A triple action fertiliser that works in 3 ways.
• Neutralise acidic soil.
• Green up lawn fast.
• Slow release, to feed lawn for up to 3 months.
1. Prepare the lawn by removing any debris such as leaves and stones.
2. Rake the lawn lightly to create a rough surface. This will allow the fertiliser to penetrate the surface and be absorbed into the roots.
3. Shake the mixture vigorously for 30 seconds before opening to ensure the contents are mixed well. Once mixed distribute the contents evenly over the chosen area.
4. Water the area well and ensure the area is kept moist.

1. Quick & Tough covers up to 60m2 for over-seeding.
2. Shade & Drought covers up to 20m2 for over-seeding.
3. Patch Repair will repair up to 12 patches.
4. Season Long Feed will cover up to 60m2.

Store in a dry place and for best results use within season of purchase.

Further Information

Always wear gloves and wash hands thoroughly after handling fertiliser.
Keep out of the reach of pets and children.
Fertiliser NPK 3-1-3+1FE Minigran
Slow Release Fertiliser 40.0.0
Epsom Salts MgSO4

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