A Language Of Flowers

The Language Of Flowers
Novel Seed Collection

Seed Collection

A traditional collection of flowers to represent expressions of love in times gone by.
Height: mixed

  • prefers full sun
  • ideal for containers
  • Ideal for beds and borders
  • cut flowers
  • RHS recommended

Novel sowing guide
(See full sowing instructions for individual varieties)

In times gone by, it was not as easy as today to show outward feelings of emotion or love. Feelings had to be secret due to social etiquette, family ties, political and social issues. Because of this, a secret and discreet language of flowers evolved to conceal ones true feelings and passion.
Contains 6 varieties and detailed sowing instructions.

Alyssum Pastel Mix
SOW INDOORS: from February to March into finely raked, moist seed compost 0.3cm deep. Place in a warm greenhouse or sunny windowsill. Germination can take 7-14 days. Seedlings can be thinned out to 5cm apart before transplanting outdoors in the summer. Plant out, where they are to flower from May to June at 15cm apart.
SOW OUTDOORS: (alternatively) from March to April sow seeds directly outdoors where they are to flower into moist, weed-free compost and rake in lightly. Seedlings should be thinned out for the best results. Alyssum will bloom from June to September.
Height: 20cm. Spread: 30cm.

Forget Me Not
SOW OUTDOORS: from May to September directly into finely raked, moist and weed-free compost approximately 0.6cm deep. Germination can take 14-21 days. Plants will grow through the summer and winter to give nutrients to produce flowers the following spring.
SOW INDOORS: (alternatively) in September and October in trays which can be transplanted outdoors in spring after the last frosts. Expect masses of tiny blue blooms from April to June, which will continue to grow year after year.
Height 20cm. Spread: 20cm.

Morning Glory
SOW INDOORS: from March 1cm deep and 5cm apart, into moist compost and place in a warm environment. Germination can take 5-20 days. Grow on in a warm environment. Gradually accustom young plants to outside conditions, by placing outdoors during the day for 1 week before planting out from May to June, 20cm apart in a sunny spot against wall etc.
SOW OUTDOORS: direct into finely raked, moist soil from April when ground is warmer. Climbing flowers will bloom from July to October.
Height: 3m. Spread: 20cm

Sunflower Giant
SOW OUTDOORS: from March to early June where they are to flower, 1.3cm deep and spaced out to 10cm. Sow into finely raked, moist, warm compost, ideally against a wall or fence to protect flowers from strong winds when they are fully grown. Germination can take 7-21 days. Thin seedlings to final spacing of 30-40cm and use stakes to help support the tall stems.
SOW INDOORS: seeds can be started indoors from February to encourage earlier blooms. Transplant outdoors from May. Sunflowers will be in full bloom from July to October.
Height: up to 3m. Spread: 40cm.

Stocks Ten Weeks
SOW INDOORS: from February to May onto the surface of fine, warm, moist seed compost. Use a propagator, or cover with plastic bag to create humidity and place on sunny windowsill or greenhouse. Germination can take 10-14 days. Thin out to 5cm and grow on until strong enough to be transplanted outdoors. Plant out where they are to flower from May, 25cm apart.
SOW OUTDOORS: (alternatively) from April when the risk of frost has gone. Rake seeds into moist, weed-free soil. Summer long blooms from June to September.
Height: 30cm. Spread: 30cm.

Pinks Dianthus
SOW OUTDOORS: from May to July into finely raked, warm, moist, weed-free soil. Lightly rake seeds into compost to cover. Germination can take 14-21 days. Strong plants can be thinned out to 15cm when they are large enough to handle. Ideally space out bushy plants to final spacing of 30cm from September to October, using excess plants to fill out any gaps in the border or containers for early summer blooms.
Expect colourful pink blooms from May to August the following year. Flowers are ideal to use as cut flowers to bring scents and colour indoors throughout the summer.
Height: 40cm. Spread: 40cm.

Alyssum Pastel Mix
Ideal for rock gardens, borders and containers.

Forget Me Not - Spring Blooms
Ideal for naturalising and woodland displays. Will spread and bloom year after year.

Morning Glory
Ideal for walls, trellis, fences, poles and also suitable for conservatory growing.

Sunflower Giant
Use stakes to help support the tall stems.

Stocks Ten Weeks
Ideal for patio displays, borders and containers.

Pinks Dianthus
Ideal cut flowers.

Further Information

Do not eat ornamental flowers or seeds.
Some plants can be harmful if consumed or cause irritation if touched.
Always wear gloves when gardening and wash hands thoroughly when finished.
See our list of potentially harmful plants here.

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