Wildflower Seed mixture

Seed Mixture

Seed Mixtures

A mixture of stunning wildflowers, often seen colouring our countryside, now for your garden to attract butterflies & bees.
Height: mixed
Contains: Pheasant's Eye, Corncockle, Bishops Flower, Shrubby Hare's Ear, Pot Marigold, Safflower, Cornflower, Chrysanthemum, Dwarf Morning Glory, Cosmos, Chinese forget-me-not, Heavenly Blue, Honesty, Large-flowered Mallow, Forget-Me-Not, Poppy, Catchflies, Caraway, Buckwheat and Lovage.
(Varieties can differ and can be replaced due to crop and seasonal circumstances.)

  • attracts bees
  • attracts butterflies
  • prefers full sun
  • partial sun
  • ideal for borders
  • ideal for containers

Shaker sowing guide

Wildflowers and bees have evolved together; this collection of flowers will provide bees and other pollinators with an excellent source of pollen and nectar and fill your garden with colourful blooms.

Easy to sow...
1. Prepare soil by removing any stones and weeds.
2. Rake soil to a depth of around 2 - 4 cm.
3. Before opening, shake well to mix the contents evenly.
(Product contains natrual bran seed carrier, so don't worry if you can't see the seeds.)
4. Shake out of the tin directly onto the ground in an even dusting or alternatively take a handful of the mixture and spread out by hand if you find this easier.
5. Rake surface lightly. Flowerbed can be rolled or firmed down to ensure the seeds have good contact with the soil.
6. Water well to activate seeds and ensure the soil is kept moist.

For denser displays, spread over 5 – 10 m²
Can also be used in containers and patio tubs.

Contains seed mixture and spreading agent to ensure seeds are evenly spread.
Only sow seeds outdoors after last frost, frost will damage seed growth and stop germination.
Seed mix contains hardy/half hardy annuals and perennials.
Store in a dry place and for best results use within season of purchase.

Further Information

Do not eat ornamental flowers or seeds.
Some plants can be harmful if consumed or cause irritation if touched.
Always wear gloves when gardening and wash hands thoroughly when finished.
See our list of potentially harmful plants here.

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