Spring Bulbs

Spring Flowering Grow Sets


Spring Flowering Grow Sets
Available from September to December
Please come back later in the season for more information.

  • scented variety
  • ideal for patio displays
  • beautiful cut flower
  • attracts bees

planting guide

Plant from September to December for blooms from December to April

Plant bulbs from August to December for flowers throughout spring.

Coir Block Instructions
If your growing kit contains a solid dry briquette, use the following instructions to create a moist growing medium to fill your container.
(Our standard coir briquette is approximately 300g and 18 x 10 x 4 cm in size, which may be cut down to suit the container size)
Coir Instructions
1. Place coir block into a large waterproof container and add approx. 850ml of water. (850ml per 300g block)
2. Allow coir to absorb the water for at least 1 hour. Stir well and add more water if needed.
The final consistency should resemble moist compost.
Prepared coir can be used to fill planting container, or mixed with compost and fertiliser for added nutrients.
Coir is a by-product of the coconut industry, and is perfect for helping plant roots keep moist as it absorbs and retains water more than compost.

Growing Instructions
1. Fill planter with moist growing medium, saving some to cover bulbs.
2. Plant bulbs 8 - 10 cm deep.
3. Space out evenly, bulbs can be layered for best results (see visual).
4. Cover with remaining compost.
5. Water lightly, but do not over water.
6. Place in a cool location (under 10°C) for 12 weeks to activate bulbs.
Planter can be placed outdoors in spring, when the plant will begin to bloom.

After care for Spring flowering bulbs:
Bulbs can be stored to be planted again next year.
Remove any spent blooms and allow the foliage to die back naturally.
Cut back any excess foliage and dry the bulbs out on a sheet of newspaper for 48hrs.
Bulbs can then be stored in paper bags or nets in a cool dry place. Only store healthy bulbs.
Bulbs can be re-planted from September.

Further Information

Do not eat ornamental flowers or bulbs.
Some plants can be harmful if consumed or cause irritation if touched.
Always wear gloves when gardening and wash hands thoroughly when finished.
See our list of potentially harmful plants here.

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