Lily Ladylike

Growing Gift Set
Lily Ladylike

Grow Set

Asiatic Lily Ladylike
Large outdoor planter contains: 3 Lily bulbs size 14/16, 1 coir block,& 1 bag of compost.
Height: 45cm
Plant Type: Perennial

  • prefers full sun
  • ideal for patio displays
  • scented flowers

Planting guide

A large frost-resistant basalt planter, ideal for growing on a patio to create a stunning display throughout the summer. Complete grow kit contains bulbs, growing medium and outdoor planter. Dwarf growing Asiatic Lily producing beautiful pink/yellow blooms and dark green foliage.

Plant outdoors from February to May.
Lilies will flower from June through to August.
1. Place coir block into a large waterproof container and add approx 850ml of water.
2. Allow the coir to absorb the water and add more water if needed.
Stir the coir to ensure all the water has been absorbed and there are no hard lumps.
This process may take up to 1 hour.
3. Once the coir has absorbed the water, fill the planter with the prepared coir.
4. Dig 3 holes spaced evenly in the planter and approximately 15 cm deep.
5. Place 1 bulb in each hole and cover over.
6. Open the bag of compost and empty into the planter, ensuring that the coir is completely covered.
7. Firm down the compost and place in a sunny spot in the garden, ideally in a spot which is sheltered from the wind.
8. Continue to water regularly, do not let the compost dry out.
9. Await your overflowing display throughout the summer!

Be sure to water your planter frequently and generously.
Feed with plant food containing potassium once buds begin to form for big blooms and good colour.
Dig up and replant your lily bulbs every 4 or 5 years.
This will rejuvenate them and they will flower brightly for years on end.
Potted bulbs are more vulnerable over winter during the cold conditions.
This planter is frost proof and will help your lilies survive the winter but covering them with straw or a mulch will also be beneficial.
To give your lilies a head start for the summer try giving them a good mulch of compost or well-rotted manure over the winter for better growth of the bulbs next season.

Keep an eye out for the bright orange and red lily beetle. They will eat your beautiful lily foliage.
They are very easy to spot and the easiest way to get rid of them is to remove them by hand.

Further Information

Do not eat ornamental flowers or bulbs.
Some plants can be harmful if consumed or cause irritation if touched.
Always wear gloves when gardening and wash hands thoroughly when finished.
See our list of potentially harmful plants here.

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