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A Year In Bloom
Novel Seed Collection

Seed Collection

Six varieties producing flowers all year round.
Height: mixed

  • prefers full sun
  • ideal for containers
  • Ideal for beds and borders
  • cut flowers
  • edible flowers
  • attracts bees
  • attracts butterflies

Novel sowing guide
(See full sowing instructions for individual varieties)

This fantastic collection of seeds will ensure your garden is always in bloom. Six specially chosen varieties, which have overlapping flowering periods, will ensure your borders are always looking their best.

Primrose Mixture - Early Spring
A hardy perennial variety that will produce a beautiful burst of colours to brighten up the garden as the winter frosts begin to disappear and spring flowers emerge.
SOW INDOORS: from March to July into fine, moist compost and press seeds down lightly into compost. Cover with a plastic bag and place into a cold environment, ideally in fridge 3-4°C for 4 weeks, pre-chilling will activate seeds. After 4 weeks, remove bag and place on a warm windowsill or greenhouse, with natural light. Germination can take 10-30 days. Grow on at approximately 18°C until large enough to handle. Transplant seedlings outdoors where they are to flower from September to October at a spacing of 23cm.
Height 20cm. Spread: 30cm.

Forget Me Not - Spring Blooms
SOW OUTDOORS: from May to September directly into finely raked, moist and weed-free compost approximately 0.6cm deep. Germination can take 14-21 days. Plants will grow through the summer and winter to give nutrients to produce flowers the following spring.
SOW INDOORS: (alternatively) in September and October in trays which can be transplanted outdoors in spring after the last frosts. Expect masses of tiny blue blooms from April to June.
Height 30cm. Spread: 50cm.

Cornflower Mixture - Early Summer
Masses of multi-flowering clusters of deep blue and pink shades, with tall green stems, ideal for wildflower gardens. An excellent cut flower and a magnet to bees.
SOW OUTDOORS: where they are to flower from March to June into finely raked, moist compost at a depth of 1cm. Germination can take 10-14 days. Ensure that compost is kept moist, especially through the warmer summer months. Seedlings can be thinned out to 20cm when large enough to handle to create a more natural display. Early sowings will produce blooms from June to September. Alternatively for earlier blooms sow direct from August to September.
Height 40cm. Spread: 20cm.

Snapdragon Mixture - Mid Summer
Stunning summer flowers with unique shaped flower heads, named for their resemblance to a dragons mouth. Ideal for rockery gardens, borders, pots and cutting.
SOW INDOORS: from January to April on the surface of quality seed compost that has already been watered. Cover with plastic bag or propagator lid to create humidity and place in a warm environment, ideally a windowsill or greenhouse. Germination can take 10-20 days. Thin out seedlings to 5cm apart when large enough to handle. Transplant strong plants outdoors from May to June when the ground is warmer, spacing out to 15cm. Gradually acclimatise to outdoors, before transplanting. Snapdragons will produce masses of beautiful blooms from June to October.
Height 20cm. Spread: 30cm.

Dahlia Mignon Mix - Late Summer
Dwarf flowering mignon variety with open flower heads and bright yellow centres, a perfect pollinator to attract a wealth of wildlife. Ideal for pots, tubs, borders and beds.
SOW INDOORS: from February to April into warm, fine seed compost that has already been watered 0.6cm deep. Germination can take 5-20 days. Thin out seedlings when large enough to handle into 7.5cm pots or spaced out to the same width. Strong plants can be transplanted outdoors where they are to flower from May to June when the ground is warmer. Acclimatise plants to outdoors gradually during the day for 1 week. Plant out into beds, borders or containers 35cm apart. Flowers from June to October.
Height: 50cm. Spread: 40cm.

Viola Helen Mount - Winter & Spring
Tiny blooms in a trio of colour, with dainty line details on each petal to create a stunning feature to low borders, pots and hanging baskets throughout winter & spring.
SOW INDOORS: from March to August into finely sieved, moist seed compost 0.6cm deep. Place in cold frame or cool greenhouse for up to 20 days to germinate seeds. When seedlings become large enough to handle, thin out to 5cm apart and grow on until strong enough to transplant. Plant out into flowering position, in garden bed or container from June to October. Early sowings will flower from September throughout the winter and later sowings will bloom from spring. Viola flowers can bloom from September until May. Flowers are edible.
Height: 20cm. Spread: 20cm.

Primrose Mixture - Early Spring
Perennial that will flower the following February to May and every year after that.

Forget Me Not - Spring Blooms
Ideal for naturalising and woodland displays. Will spread and bloom year after year.

Cornflower Mixture - Early Summer
Ideal for beds, borders and wildflower display. Ideal cut flower indoors. Prefers full sun.

Snapdragon Mixture - Mid Summer
Ideal for beds and borders. Prefers full sun.

Dahlia Mignon Mix - Late Summer
Ideal for beds and borders. Prefers full sun.

Viola Helen Mount - Winter & Spring
Regular removal of faded flowers will prolong flowering.

Further Information

Do not eat ornamental flowers or seeds.
Some plants can be harmful if consumed or cause irritation if touched.
Always wear gloves when gardening and wash hands thoroughly when finished.
See our list of potentially harmful plants here.

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